Tablet Compression Machine Supplier

In a Tablet compression machine, the tablets are formed by compressing the granules using the compressing machine. It is the mechanical device that is used to compress the granules or the mixture of API and excipients for making an even, predetermined size, shape, and weight of tablet as per research, pilot scale, and full production.

In the latest technology, there are various innovations in tablet compression machines done to improve production rates, and now there is the chance of producing 60,000 - 250000 tablets per hour. The tablet is formed by the combined action of pressing two punches and a die.

The main principle behind this tablet compression machine is hydraulic pressure. Then the pressure gets transmitted, unreduced, through the static fluid. External pressure is converted into static fluid in the same proportion in all directions. It is also possible to apply additional force as needed.

tablet compression machine in india

Applications of Tablet Compression Machine:

  • The main application of this tablet compression machine is to compress the granules for getting the tablet to a uniform size, uniform weight, and uniform shape for new tablet development and small batch production.
  • To compress the granules or powder and mix them, then make them into tablets for pilot-scale and full-scale production.
  • To compact and blend the granules in the dry granulation method, this is also called "compression vs. compaction."
  • To compress the multilayer tablets, our tablet compression technology can compress up to five layers to form the table