Pesticide Tablet Machine Manufacturer

Tablet Press Manufacturers is the leading manufacturer of different types of tablet press machines, including the Pesticide tablet machine. This machine is similar to the rotary tablet compression machine. Nowadays, pesticides are very important. Because they mostly help the farmers cultivate the crops in a small area by protecting the crops from pests, diseases, and weeds and also raising productivity per hectare. Pesticides are mainly used as the controllers of various pests and carriers of diseases like mosquitos, rats, etc. This pesticide is an insecticide, herbicide, nematicide, etc.

Pesticide Tablet Machine Supplier

It is the mechanical tool, the principle of the machine is same as the rotary tablet press machine and single tablet press machines. This machine reduces the wastage of the money. It has the several tooling stations that rotates to compress the granules or powder mixture into tablet and makes them into the uniform size, uniform shape and uniform weight. This machine is mainly designed for increasing the output of tablet.

It has the hopper, die cavity, feed paddle, punches, lower cam track, cam track, rollers, etc. for getting gaining the perfectively.

pesticide tablet machine manufacturer

Advantages of Pesticide Tablet Machine:

  • The effective number of punches is increased
  • Number of stations is increased
  • Number of points of compression is increased
  • The rate of compression of turret speed is increased.